Tinnitus… How did you get it? How do you get rid of it?

Tinnitus is easy to prevent, but difficult to cure

Thirty percent of all the people over the age of eighteen have tinnitus. This can vary in severeness. Tinnitus is better known as hearing a beep in your ear. That can be a constant beep, or with intervals. The beep intensity may also vary. Tinnitus is a form of hearing damage in the brain and is incurable. You can read all about contracting, curing and preventing tinnitus in this article.

What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus is ‘hearing’ a squeak, hum, buzz or any other sound, when it’ is not there. We call this tinnitus.
It’s an irritating condition to have even though it’s not an immediate health problem. However, it does have some unpleasant side effects. Common symptoms of tinnitus patients are concentration problems and insomnia. This extends to fear, irritability and can go as far as feelings of powerlessness, melancholy and even depression. In fact, tinnitus was a reason for a woman to commit euthanasia.

Is tinnitus rare?

No. Unfortunately, tinnitus is far too common. One third of us have to deal with it, especially people under thirty are at high risk of tinnitus. Luckily, only five percent of all cases are considered as inconvenient.

Cause of tinnitus

Tinnitus has many causes. A total of four hundred causes have been identified. These range from severe chronic conditions to temporary complaints and even drug use or stress may trigger tinnitus. The most common cause is harmful noise. Read more about what harmful noise is here.

People under the age of 30 are more likely to have tinnitus. There is no obvious cause, but an overdose of noise seems to be a major factor. This matches our lifestyle, as our pocket has all the music in the world. That collection is blown into our ear canal all day, every day. We dance in discos, bars or clubs and during the holidays we visit as many festivals as possible. These are all places where the music is often too loud. All right, everybody’s doing it, so it may seem innocent. But the limit of what constitutes harmful noise is lower than you may think. A noisy restaurant may already cause irreversible damage.

Treating Tinnitus

Sometimes you can get rid of tinnitus. But, that’s only true if you can fix the cause. If this condition can be cured, tinnitus may also stop. Tinnitus is often a result of hearing loss, which is difficult to cure. That doesn’t mean that if you are suffering from it, you’ll have to settle for the advice: “learn to live with it.” That’s hard, and you’ll be at a loss what to do. A doctor may refer you to a specialised institution. They can teach you to live with tinnitus. In some cases there are hearing aids that can reduce tinnitus.

Prevention is better than curing

You read in the previous section that tinitus is often a result of hearing loss. It’s actually a form of mental overload and is much easier to prevent than to cure. It’s as simple as making sure you put your earplugs in on time. Do you want to know when noise is harmful? Then read more here. Don’t have any earplugs yet? You can read about the differences in earplugs here. Do you just want to get the best? Then make sure to order the Thone M1 – Music One.

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