Filter earplugs VS hearing protection without filter

Music filter earplugs keep sounds natural and conversations understandable

Filter earplugs are the way to go at a festival or concert. The main difference in earplugs is whether or not they have a filter. No filter earplugs at music events aren’t a good match, as it ruins the music. On the contrary, filtered earplugs can improve the sound experience.

Hearing protection with acoustic filter

As a festival-goer, filter earplugs are your holy grail. But be careful, not all filters are equal. There are many types and just buying any filter earplugs may lead to a disappointing experience. The Thone webshop has earplugs with a filter specifically for music. The music filter focuses on eliminating harmful sound frequencies that cause noise at festivals or concerts. This not only keeps the music natural, but also makes conversations easier to understand. We have different kinds of music filters. Want to know more? Click here

+filtering specific frequencies= better experience
+understandability = conversations are easier to follow
-Different filters = wrong filters lead to a poorer experience.

Earplugs without filter

The cheapest and therefore best known hearing protectors are foam earplugs. These are also called foam plugs or memory foam. Sometimes they are made of silicone, more info about the different materials can be found here.

The most important aspect of these earplugs is that they do not have an acoustic filter. The effect is similar to putting your fingers in your ears. They protect your hearing against harmful noise, but you won’t hear anything anymore… We don’t sell earplugs without a filter because they reduce the overall sound experience. Thone wants to make music events better.

-Experience = large distortion of sound

-understandability = no longer able to communicate
+cheap = penny wise, pound foolish 😉

So, should you get earplugs with or without a filter?

If you’re looking for hearing protection, consider what you want to use them for. Do you want to party a lot, just like we at Thonelike to do? Then go for the mucis filter. music filter. Do you just want to get your sleep in, or do you work in an environment with only loud machines, or perhaps nagging colleagues? Then foam earplugs we’ll do the job just fine.

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