Hearing protection at festivals

You need hearing protection at a festival. Would you disagree? Please ask your doctor or read our article how little it takes for your hearing to be damaged. It’s not so much a question of whether you take hearing protection with you, but what kind. Do you already know which ones?
You’ll find a summary of everything you need to know about the different types of hearing protection in this article. 

Hearing protection at a festival, the options. 

Yes! Making choices. There are many different types of noise, and for each noise there’s different hearing protection. At a festival you only have to choose between two things. The right choice and the even better choice. And, if you don’t want to spend money, then there’s also the skimpy option. 

Cheap hearing protection
The Thone D1. A discreet earplug that attenuates most harmful sounds (treble). The music remains excellent, you are able to understand your friends and your hearing is protected. 

I’ve come for the music
De Thone M1. An earplug with a membrane, filtering all sound evenly (high/middle/low). The music continues to sound the same, you understand your friends better and your hearing is protected. Curious about the differences between the Thone M1 and D1?

I’m a cheapskate
Go for foam earplugs (noise-stoppers), they won’t cost a thing. As music lovers, we don’t sell them. But you’ll find them at a drugstore. You don’t hear any of the music, you don’t understand your friends very well, but your hearing is protected. 

Score: D1 4 stars / M1 5 stars

I’ll forget about earplugs, or I’ll lose them.  

So are we. We’ve been thinking about that. Both the Thone M1 and Thone D1 are delivered in our own designed box. It can be attached to your keychain and fits in practically anything. We know it’s not revolutionary in the earplug industry. But check this out. You can use our box with one hand. Our design means you won’t have to fiddle around. Your earplugs are handed to you, as it were. 

Score: D1 5 stars / M1 5 stars


Being understandable at festivals.

“What do you say? I ‘m not wearing my earplugs.” At a festival, it’s mainly about music. But, it’s a nice bonus that your friends are also able to understand you when you tell them you’re going to get beer. We make hearing protection for festivals, we are against noise. Not against sound. On the contrary, we filter out the background noise. It makes you understand your festival friends better than you would without earplugs. That’s a promise, because it’s been tested. 

Score: D1 4 stars / M1 5 stars 

Earplugs are annoying

This is often caused by the material used for the earplugs. Annoying earplugs are hard, your ear canal is sensitive. Our hearing protection is made from liquid silicone. That’s super soft, and it takes the shape of your ear. In addition, not every ear canal is the same size. If you have a small ear canal, the D1 will be the best fit. 

Score: D1 5 stars / M1 4 stars 

Best festival option

It doesn’t matter. Both the M1 and the D1 are solid choices. It’s a personal preference. Consider your choice, because with a little care, these earplugs will last for years. 

Final result score table:


Thone D1 – 4,5 stars

Thone M1 – 4,8 stars

Delivered quickly, through the mailbox

The M1 and D1 are designed to fit through your mailbox, so you don’t have to stay at home. You’ll have them delivered in 1 or 2 days if you order via the site. If you want them tomorrow, you can order them at bol.com.

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