Music filters – linear filter VS non-linear filter

A linear music filter is what’ll get all your juices flowing

Music filters are your must-have equipment at every music event. Hearing protection is important, and proper filters will even improve your overall music experience. The music filter is designed to protect against the noise of a festival or concert. The music continues to sound natural, and you’ll be able to understand conversations better.

Basically, there are two different types of filters

Linear filters

A good music filter is always linear. A linear filter, also called an even or flat filter, attenuates all frequencies (pitches) in the same way. It’s basically like turning the music down a little.

In our product range this is the Thone Music One (M1).. These earplugs have a membrane that filters sound. Look at it as a second eardrum, slightly thicker than the one you have yourself. The sound makes the diaphragm vibrate, but because it is thicker, it vibrates slightly less. This ensures that the sound is the same, but gets in softer. Only membrane filters can do this, and the thickness of the membrane determines the purpose of a filter. That’s why it’s important to select the right filter for the right job, otherwise your experience may be a bit disappointing.

Non-linear filters

The alternative choice for a music filter is a non-linear filter. In this case hearing protection is more important than the music experience. A non-linear filter doesn’t attenuate the frequencies evenly.

In our product range this is the Thone Discrete One (D1). You can enjoy any event with these earplugs. However, the sounds may sound less natural compared to the the Thone M1. The reason for this is that the filter works through a tiny but very accurate hole. The size of this hole determines which sounds are let through and how loud. Typically, trebles are always attenuated more than low tones. As a result, the music is slightly distorted. The advantage with these earplugs is that they are relatively cheap due to the simple technology. Because the technology is so simple, the earplugs can be made very small and inconspicuous as well.

So, which filter suits you best?

If you are a real music lover, you should opt for the Thone M1. It attenuates all pitches equally. If you only want protection and you want it to be as inconspicuous as possible, then go for the Thone D1.

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