Thone X

Next Generation Hearing Protection

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Why Thone?

At Thone we are specialised in premium hearing protection for festivals, concerts and other music events. After the succes of our current product range we want to take it to the next level with Thone X!

We keep on challenging ourselves to come up with new and better solutions, it’s a continuous improvement. With Thone X we not only upgrade the comfort and audio quality, it’s the FIRST DESIGN EARPLUG!

With this new approach we want to attract new people and businesses to start wearing earplugs and make wearing hearing protection a trend. It’s the way to prevent hearing damage and the ability to enjoy music for the rest of our lives!

How it works

The sound is filtered using an acoustic filter, a state of the art membrane filter to be precise. From previous products like the Thone M1 we’ve learned how to engineer the acoustics towards perfection. The trick is to get an even attenuation on all frequencies so that the sound doesn’t deform. They sound like you turned down the volume just enough.

Not only the volume of the music but also the background noise like chatting people in the distance or people jumping on floorboard is lowered. This makes the loudest sound stand out more; like the music and the person that talks to you. This enhances your total experience.

Thone X – what do you get?

In the premium box you get the best hearing protection for music lovers. 

Thone X comes with exchangeable skins which you can personalise. Inside you find a state of the art membrane filter which gives you the pure sound experience. The sound quality is ensured by different types of tips for the best sound isolation. The wing gives them a secure fit in your ear which makes it impossible to fall out.  

Personal style with Skins  

All skins can be changed. After a while you might want to change them to match your style. We plan to come with new designs every month for just a few bucks, these can be bought on our website.

Also we will reveal limited editions in collaborations with other enthousiasts like artist and festivals. If you like to get your favourite event featured, let us know!

To make the possibilities limitless we feature fully custom designed skins, leave a message if you want these.

For now we have these editions: