handleiding Thone X2


De oordopjes dienen te worden gebruikt en onderhouden volgens de handleiding.

1 Houd het oordopje tussen duim en wijsvinger, zoals weergegeven op de afbeelding. Je kijkt naar de achterkant waar de R (rechts) of L (links) zich bevindt. Plaats het oordopje in het juiste oor.

2 Laat uw wijsvinger bovenop liggen en duw het oordopje met uw duim dieper in de gehoorgang totdat u de ruisonderdrukking hoort. Doe dit de eerste paar keer voor de spiegel om te controleren en te wennen aan de juiste plaatsing.

3 Controleer of de vleugel correct is gepositioneerd voor een goede pasvorm.

4 Als de ruisonderdrukking beperkt is, controleer dan de positie van het oordopje zoals weergegeven in de afbeelding (het breedste deel van het oordopje moet verticaal uitgelijnd zijn) en ga terug naar stap één.

Thone X user manual

Thone earplugs offer noise levels reduction when used correctly. The wearer should ensure that the earplugs are fitted, adjusted and maintained in accordance with the instructions. Extra supporting information can be found on our website.

To insert, hold the earplug between your thumb and index finger. You look at the back where the R (right) or L (left) is located. Place the earplug in the correct ear. Softly push and twist until the ear tip seals your ear canal completely. Do this the first couple of times in front of the mirror to get used and ensure to the correct placement. To ease insertion, gently pull on the top of your ear with your other hand during insertion.

Remove the earplugs using a slow, turning motion to gradually break the seal. Sudden or rapid removal of the earplug can cause damage to the eardrum. Do not use a connecting cord if there is a risk of the cord becoming tangled in something.

Check the earplugs regularly for proper functioning and store them in the original and clean packaging. Clean the ear tips regularly with mild soap and water. After cleaning, dry them thoroughly before placing them back in the cover. With proper use and maintenance, the earplugs can be reused for a longer period of time.

If you experience pain or discomfort while using your earplugs, discontinue usage. Consult a doctor if the complaints persist. Do not force the earplugs into your ears. If an earplug becomes stuck when removing earplugs, seek medical assistance. Never attempt to remove lodged ear tips yourself.

Some jurisdictions may prohibit the use of products such as earplugs while driving. Check the relevant legislation before wearing while driving.

When you intend to use earplugs to address noise in your workplace, consult your employer first.

They may not meet the requirements of your workplace. 

Do not use chemicals or sharp objects.

Always wear these earplugs in a noisy environment without interruption.

Do not swallow and keep out of reach of children.

Thone BV is not liable for any damage resulting from incorrect use.

This product is tested by laboratory: Michael & Associates, Inc. 2766 W. College Ave Suite 1, State College, PA 16801, USA

The European Union investigation is performed by: CCQS UK Ltd, 5 Harbour Exchange Square, London, E14 9GE, UK

The European Union investigation is commissioned by: 

Thone BV, het Groen 1b, 5511AC Knegsel, The Netherlands.

The attenuation of the ear protectors was determined in accordance with EN: 352-2:2002 

Added accessories are not classified as PPE.

Declarations of Conformity can be found at www.Thone.pro/legal